Here is what we…

Here is what we seek: a compassion that can stand in awe at what the poor have to carry rather than stand in judgement at how they carry it.

Written by Gregory Boyle, author of Tatoos on the Heart



Starting this blog is one of the many beginnings I am about to face in the coming weeks. I mentally committed to the blog concept this evening as I walked one of my old Road for Hope loops. As I reflect on this coming year, I think about all the things I will miss and the many uncertainties I am about to face from living in community to my day to day life on my service site. I cannot say I have much experience with blogging, but I hope this can be a place of sharing, reflecting and documenting for the next year of my life.

One year from today, I will be heading home from Pittsburgh. I cannot wait to see how this year goes. I look forward to sharing this year with everyone I love and I hope this blog is only the beginning of that sharing. 


How I got to Pittsburgh:

I am doing this year of service through Change A Heart Franciscan Volunteer Program. I chose this program as the host of my year of service because it will provide the opportunity to live in community with other volunteers and support my journey throughout the year. Doing a year of service through a faith based program like this provides unique resources in reflection, community and solidarity. This program is based only in Pittsburgh and is connected with the Franciscan Sisters of the Neumann Communities. 

What I am Doing: 

My service will be divided between the programs Operation Safety Net and New Lease on Life. Both of these programs are a part of Mercy Health Care Systems of Pittsburgh. I am working as an Americorps volunteer for the year! 

Upcoming Events:

Our 10.5 hour drive/journey will begin August 17th with a pit stop somewhere in PA and end August 18th in Pittsburgh!

Change A Heart Orientation begins August 18th!

First day at work is August 26th! 

ALSO – I have been sent my new mailing address for those who are interested!