A Past Pilgrimage

A Past Pilgrimage

My most treasured and most powerful experience at Saint Anselm College was Road for Hope. This year’s walkers begin their journey about two weeks from today and I could not be more excited for them and more nostalgic for the most incredible 390 miles I could ask for. As it was the grassroots of my Anselmian career, I felt it deserved a big shout out as I move on into the next exciting endeavor in my life. I will be thinking of the walkers, the drivers, the community and the charities as they begin their journey on August 23rd. Keep these amazing kids and even more amazing charities in your hearts in those last few days of August. My love, support and admiration goes out to my adored repeaters, anxious first timers, EMTs, and the staff of Campus Ministry. I hope everyone has an eye opening, challenging, heart-filling, fun and safe trip!! My gratitude for the Roys, lakes, backpack hugs, Saint Charles, water break dance parties and miles-long heart to hearts will never falter. I could not be more thrilled to see RFH flourish for the last 15 years and hopefully 15 more to come!! 


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