in Community, and BEYOND

Other than work, which has been slow to start, but a lot of learning, my Coms and I have spent time getting our house to feel like OUR home and hanging out together. Last night a few of us went to the Church Brew Works Restaurant/Pub which is a renovated church turned bar. It was a beautiful restaurant and we all enjoyed “church themed” house brews. Thursday we had our first Francis Meeting, which is a biweekly meeting with have with our Program Director to talk about upcoming dates, business items in need and how our lives are going in regards to community living, simplicity, spirituality and service. My Mil-Com Martha put it well that “we dont have jobs, we have a lifestyle.” This unique quality is what drew me to Change A Heart because of the commitment of spirituality and community.  Living in community has been a lot of fun, we make meals together, talk about our days and enjoy each others’ company. On weekends we try to adventure with our Ed-Coms, like today most of us went to Dream Cream! Dream Cream is an ice cream shop that allows “dream makers” to fund raise the profits from their custom made ice creams. Today we went to support a Change A Heart alum and her cause! Though it has been fairly easy thus far, we have all embraced the knowledge that challenges will arise and it is up to us to work towards a happy and open community life together. 

This week has been busy, inspiring, challenging and eye opening coming from all directions. I feel extremely blessed to be a part of OSN and Change A Heart. I have been extremely lucky in my placement thus far in that it is direct service with a population I am extremely passionate about. Everyone I have met that is involved with OSN has blown me away in regards to their passion for social justice and love for those they serve. I am especially moved by TLA and the OSN office because of their focus on outreach. With this outreach, they are able to connect with people in dire need of basic safety and security in their resources of health care and social services. I have been continually struck by the raw dedication of OSN to those in need, putting their clients, residents and patients first. I am humbled by the staff’s genuine connection with the people we serve and their drive to empower each individual towards a better life. 

I have struggled to find time to spend reflecting on my experiences and my connection to my faith. It is easy to get wrapped up in all that is going on, but I hope to make more time for myself in this way as I move forward. My house would like to make more of an effort to reflect as a community beyond our nightly dinner discussions. 


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