We bring the Wobble

This past week or so has been pretty busy here in Bloomfield. I am going to start by chronicling some of the different adventures we have had as a community.

Sundays are usually spent going to church, grocery shopping and eating dinner as a house. Last Sunday was no different, but I had the opportunity to go to a church service my Com Joy attends. The service is a non denominational Christian church based at the Cathedral of Learning on the Pitt Campus. For all you Harry Potter fans out there…it looks like the Great Hall inside. The building is gorgeous and the service, held in a small lecture hall, was just as beautiful. There is something about young people coming together in a faith community that inspires and challenges me. Much in the same light as I used to like going to Lifeteen mass rather than the typical Catholic Mass. For you Saint A’s kids…its a lot like Wednesday Night Mass with a full band and more casual conversation over scripture. I loved it, and I hope to go every week with Joy!

Sunday night, after my awesome Com saw the poster advertising it while we were out earlier that day, some of us went to a free Justin Moore concert at Rib Fest in Heinz Arena. There were tons of food vendors, but we reluctantly strode past, knowing our pockets were too light too indulge. However, it was very cool to see the inside of the Stadium, especially knowing how avid the Steelers fans are here in Pittsburgh. The concert was a lot of fun and we ended the night walking through downtown admiring the lit up bridges on our way to our bus back to Bloomfield. I am surprised at how easy it has been to transition to being bus dependent, but I think it helps that I am not a big fan of city driving to begin with.

Most of our weeknights are spent relaxing and making dinner after work, but we did have another Francis Dinner in which we learned more about the cross of San Damiano, a icon of great importance in the Franciscan tradition. The cross depicts several different biblical themes and people of importance. It is named after the church in which Francis began his devotion to “rebuild the church,” starting literally as he restored the decrepit San Damiano Church. These dinners are formal ways to provide learning, prayer and community guidance by the program directors.

Friday night we all started our evening at The Harp and Fiddle where our Com Sean’s Mom was playing with her husband. It was a blast to hear them play, though the highlight was definitely the 9 year old’s flawless performance of “second grade blues” I think the girls in the crowd melted and the men’s hearts grew two sizes that day. After that we all went back to Milgate, ate some leftover Lasagna (Mom taught me well). Once we were full off the free wings from Harp and Fiddle and our Lasagna, some of us went out on Liberty Street which consisted of a lot of Wobbling, 90’s sing alongs and silly dancing. We laughed a lot and made friends with Albert the DJ Albert. For a point of reference, Liberty Street is a 2 minute walk from Milgate, the epicenter of the Bloomfield neighborhood.

Saturday morning was spend getting “caught doing good” when a few of us went into downtown to volunteer for a beautification project. The project ended up being repainting two blocks of railings, which ended up being a very tedious job. It reminded me a little of the work in Maine or Detroit, just that the city was too loud for conversation. In the end however, the quiet time was refreshing. Martha and I were COVERED in this industrial paint by the end, and it took a whole bottle of nail polish remover and a half an hour of scrubbing and hosing in the back yard to rid ourselves of the mess. The young store clerk at our Rite Aid could not stop laughing at the site of us, it was comical indeed.

After we all scrubbed for what felt like forever, we rewarded ourselves with a few episodes of New Girl, a community favorite on the futon. (C8 flashbacks to FNL <3). Then we all walked to Oakland and got sandwiches from Primantis, a famous restaurant in Pittsburgh. We all got the Pittsburger – basically a cheesburger on scali bread with a non mayo based cole slaw and french fries inside. It was heaven after a long day.

Today will be a relaxing day of church, grocery shopping and laundry.

Next weekend: Open House at Edmond!



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