We’re going to KENNYWOOD!

This weekend was full of fun for us Change A Heart members. Friday night was a low key night over at Edmond cleaning, grocery shopping and hanging out, preparing for our weekend of fun to come! 

Saturday morning Sean and I prepared a few things for our open house pot puck. Luckily, Sean was given some avocados at work so he made some guacamole dip! I made some pesto from the basil in our garden for a pasta salad. We had a good time preparing our dishes together, listening to music and happily discovering that we have a food processor! Something I did not expect about living in this community house was how often we would come across undiscovered treasures like Christmas lights and random appliances. Its a fun reminder of the communities that filled our house in the past. We hosted the is open house at the Edmond house because it is bigger and more people live there! Change A Heart Alumni, Sisters from our program, Board Members, family and friends. We ate, drank and danced the afternoon away. That evening a bunch of us went out dancing on the South Side. 

Sunday a bunch of us went to Kennywood, a local amusement park for which we got discounted tickets! It was a ton of fun riding roller coasters all day! We came home feeling exhausted but grateful for our busy weekend. 


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