What the Duck?!

This weekend we began with a day full of Americorps Kickoff events including many speakers, get to know yous and a short service project in the afternoon. After a quick rest we all set off for a trip to downtown to the gallery crawl and bridge party in honor of the rubber duck arriving in port. The duck was awesome to see in person, just as whimsical as I imagined. We had a lot of fun poking around the various vendors and Cupid Shuffling with the crowd on the bridge. 

Saturday we all attended and helped to set up the Catholic Young Adult symposium for Western Pennsylvania in Oakland. There were many speakers and break out sessions that we all attended. There was a significant showing there which is always great to see. Afterwards we were treated by my roommate Martha’s family bringing us pizza and some local brews from Cleveland before they headed home for the weekend. 

This week and weekend were pretty uneventful for the most part in terms of my service but I have been learning lots about the people I serve and what I will be doing for the year. Words do not describe how grateful I am to be a part of the program I serve for each day. I have the opportunity to “enter into the chaos of others” in ways I never thought possible. A speaker at the symposium, quoting someone I honestly cannot recall, spoke of the basis of service being the virtue of mercy. Mercy was thus defined as entering into the chaos of others with the intention of doing good for them, by them and with them. (in some or not so many words). My service with OSN allows me to do just that. Needless to say, I am not lucky I’m blessed. 


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