A Whimsical Weekend

Friday night many of us went to the Carnegie Science Center for a 21+ night. It is essentially an after hours event for adults to explore the museum without the exhibits and activities being clogged by dozens of eight year olds. They had a cash bar, snacks and planetarium shows throughout the night. We watched robots, played through jungle gyms and games  based in physics all night. There were tons of people there, from early twenties to seventy year olds! We laughed a lot and learned some too! I think my favorite part was the robot hand that played air hockey against a human opponent. 

Saturday we went to Frick Park, a beautiful place full of paths, trails and fields that seems to be a mecca for families, people with their dogs and mountain bikers. Living in a very urban area, it becomes easy to forget what it is like to smell nature instead of trash, to hear nothing rather than sirens and helicopters from the nearby hospital. We all got lost at some point, which to me added to the experience. We played frisbee, did handstands, ran, walked and overall adventured for the afternoon. 

Sunday night was spent at Mary Fran and the Professor’s Home. Mary Fran and the Professor are the mom and step dad of our community member Sean. They call themselves that when they perform at local restuarants and bars. His parents are kind enough to invite us to family dinners on Sundays. I never deny an opportunity to head out to the quiet borough for a night of amazing(and free) food, chatting and enjoying their beautiful home. We roasted marshmallows, hung out with his neices, nephews and sibling and shared a delicious meal of barbeque around the fire. When I am so far away from home, it is comforting to be surrounded by family, even if its not my own! Though our community is a family in many ways and will grow to become closer as time goes on, theres nothing like having parents, cousins, aunts and uncles around. 

Another wonderful weekend in Bloomfield!

UP NEXT: we are going on retreat to Syracuse, NY where we will meet some other post grad volunteers like us, relax and recharge after our first month of service and community! We leave Wednesday Morning and get back Sunday. All of us are looking forward to getting out of the city and relaxing for a while. I am hoping theres a lake around somewhere. It wont be as good as WeLikeIt, but it’ll do for now. ❤


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