“Spirituality” you say?

Each week our house and the Edmond house has a night for Spirituality/Education in which the community gathers to share stories, videos, music and prayer with each other. It is a highlight of the week for me because it is an opportunity for people to share their lens of faith and spirituality with the rest of the community. We have done some awesome prayers regarding intentions, learned about spoken word and listened to some historic choral music. Each person brings something very different to the table which helps us all grow in our own faith and in our service. I am constantly intrigued by the way people view faith, God and their religious practice. I love to learn about this aspect of others’ lives, to see what inspires, what challenges and what provides comfort. Each week we church hop to different masses in the surrounding neighborhoods. Each has their own bit of charm and comfort, but it has been hard to top Wednesday Night Mass in the Lower Church. 🙂

Below is a  link to the spoken word that was shared..I will preface it with the fact that there is some profanity, so if that is not your style, no need to click. I have no experience with spoken word, but these works by Anis Mojgani made me think, smile, laugh and contemplate how to Rock Out. 



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