Oh happy day!

Life has been a whirlwind recently. Last week we opened up our severe weather shelter for the first time this season as the temperatures dropped down to the twenties. It was the kind of raw cold that makes thirties and forties feel mild. We had about 80 people come in our first night when they usually do not expect the numbers to rise that high until January. This workweek was long but fulfilling with a lot going on at OSN home base and Trail Lane. SWES is a crazy experience with people coming in of all backgrounds and essentially unfiltered. Our goal with SWES is to prevent deaths in the homeless population due to severe weather. People come in in all sorts of states so its always an interesting night for all involved. It is the opposite experience at Trail Lane where we know everyone well, are deeply involved in their needs and reside in a beautiful space.

Friday night a bunch of us went to a learn to salsa night at CMU which some liked more than others. What made it worthwhile is that our entry fee was donated to OSN to buy socks and other winter needs! I thought it was a riot! Kelly and I want to try and find lessons around here to keep life interesting this winter. Afterwards we met a friend of mine from work at a local pub, sang wrecking ball one too many times and chatted.

Saturday into Sunday was spent at our annual Advent retreat, a great way for us to unwind a little and focus on what is to come in the advent season. Our days were fairly unstructured to give us time to reflect relax and pray. This experience was rejuvenating and relaxing as I spent some time reading and writing a little. Kelly our director made a massive spread of thanksgiving dinner which we all enjoyed immensely. We ended our night by watching The Sister Act II in the convent which is arguably the pinnacle of Woopi’s career.

Overall it was a great weekend with another busy weekend to come with Light Up Night, Hunger Games and Community dinners this week.

Time definitely seems to be flying here as Thanksgiving quickly approaches and soon Christmas. I love being here but I look forward to seeing my family, friends and Ruby!



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