Its beginning to feel a lot like WINTER

I have not been as on top of this blog as much as I would like to be and for that I apologize. 

Work has been more of the typical. I have been working with one client in particular since he entered into our program to get his health care needs straightened out. He is known to be a frequent flyer at the ER and has significant chronic illness history. The team in our health care clinic and I have been working on getting him properly medicated and well educated on his needs in order to produce better outcomes. He is chronically street homeless and has some cognitive decay which could be likened to early onset dementia. With the strides made by his primary care physician, psychiatrist and our work as case management, he has drastically improved in his cognitive function, physical health and personal morale. I write glowing emails to the people downstairs whenever possible because I could not be more grateful for the excellence they strive for in their follow up and primary care. Though this client bounced regularly in and our of ER departments, the health care system that made the most difference was his primary care. I am passionate about the potential of primary care, preventitive medicine and interdisciplinary team approaches to health care. When we face complicated cases such as these, the team work and communication shared by the health care team is crucial. These outcomes however are not typical. There are many barriers and boundaries that impede clients and professionals from receiving or giving the best care possible. I hope to enter the field of social work and health care to create pathways that bridge the gaps of care seen in our most vulnerable populations. 

On a lighter note…Friday night was spent with some friends at the annual Light Up Night. We saw the lighting ceremony, fireworks and ate some wonderful treats from a local bakery. The center downtown has a massive tree and skating rink and a villiage of local holiday gifts and treats. It was wonderfully festive but quite cold. Pittsburgh has proven it has much more to offer than I originally  anticipated. There is always something to do or a place to go which makes every weekend interesting! Saturday I went to see the  Potted Potter which is a summerative parody of all the Harry Potter books. It was lighthearted and funny, something I probably would have loved even more as a rabid childhood fan. (not that much has changed). 

Thanksgiving is coming up this week and it seems as though it has come so fast! I will be home for Christmas in less than a month! Some of my roommates and I are spending dinner here in Milgate and going to dinner with Chris’s family friend. I hope also to swing by TLA at some point as I am sure it will be a fun festive day there! 

It has been bitter cold here and I am sure its been cold where you all may be. Please remember those who are not blessed with warmth and shelter this winter, please give to those in need in whatever way you can. This is a deadly season for our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. I ask you to keep them not only in your hearts but also in your action this season. 


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