Jury Duty, Jury Duty, Blackmail, Eviction notice!

 This week has been a lot of fun for us as we prepare more for the holiday season!

A friend and I went to dinner and I had my first real taste of Indian food! I was surprised at how much I liked it. Sometimes it is challenging to try new foods when you live on a budget so my palate was especially grateful. I joined a few friends in having a crafternoon where we created gifts, decorations and more for the holidays. For those of you who did not know, the sight of cardstock and glitter is close to heaven for me. Saturday night we all gathered our best holiday apparel….I obviously opted for the red sock monkey onesie and headed out to a friends place to celebrate the season! We had a great family photo shoot which I hope to share on here at some point.

Work has been a bit more of the usual, I am interested in finding a way to make a big picture impact on the program and the people I serve beyond the every day tasks of case management. Though I love the work I do and I appreciate the value of our mission, I am interested to see how change can be affected in a way that alleviates some of the every day obstacles we face in working with our population, especially in regards to their physical and mental health. In the long run I would love to dedicate some of my life to education and changing the way the health care system approaches care of vulnerable populations and help to educate people on the social, emotional, physical and spiritual effects of economic poverty. I will try to keep you all updated as i ponder this concept.

Today is a day of catch up for many of us, bathrooms need to be cleaned, groceries purchased and food prepared for the Christmas party we have been invited to by the director of our program! I am off to tackle the tasks of the day.

Though this season is extremely busy and chaotic for many, I am trying to take each day with the basis that we are supposed to see this season as a time of love, community and giving as we await the birth of Jesus. I try to seek more patience, relaxation and joy in this special time of year.

So I thought this was posted a few days ago, so much for that!

Last night I had the unexpected treat of having dinner with a friend before working SWES, which has been a busy but successful experience. We went to a little bistro/pub in the cultural district before heading to Smithfield St. to work the shelter.

Tonight I am headed to Thai food with the WHOLE community in honor of Kelly’s birthday! Everyone is very excited to go out to dinner together for the first time!

More soon!


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