This website depicts images of the invisible people of our cities. Though its located in NY and not Pittsburgh, the suffering is universal. Addiction has no discretion, no perferences and no boundaries in those afflicted by its course. I meet people like these every day. Just as the article calls for, the most important thing to remember is that they are still people. I typically stray away from specific stories of the people I meet for privacy and confidentiality reasons, but I feel as though this article creates a perfect portrait of the struggles my clients face. No matter what I end up doing with my life professionally, I always want to remember these people. The invisible ones. Find love in their hearts, resiliency in their lives and perspective in their suffering. 

My heart is always full at Operation Safety Net. It is full of stories, sadness, small joys, and dissatisfaction. I find dissatisfaction in needs unmet, in people forgotten and complacency with our healthcare and housing system. Joy in singing to the radio with clients on their way to safe shelter, in the constant humor of dealing with “infestations” of all kinds and the endless stories and tall tales of the streets. 

I’m not lucky, I’m blessed. 


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