The Christmas season in Pittsburgh was not the same as the feeling of New England, but it was a lot of fun to share the joys of Christmas with my amazing community. We did a secret santa, had way too much fun with ugly sweater photoshoots and shared many holiday treats. 

I went with a friend to the Phipps Conservatory which was gorgeously decorated for the Christmas season. Phipps is filled with incredible plant and flower exhibits coupled with beautiful glass sculpture. Its one of the most beautiful places in Pittsburgh. I will try and post some pictures on this of the exhibits! 

We also went to mass at Saint Benedict the Moor in the Hill District. I mostly go to masses in Bloomfield, Lawrenceville or Oakland with my community, but we always talked of the gospel choir and powerful presence felt at Saint Benedict the Moor. I was not dissapointed by this experience in any way! It was one of the most communal churches I have experienced with beautiful music and spirit that is tangible. It is a bit of a hike for us, but I hope to make it there regularly! I have struggled to find a place that feels as sacred to me as Saint Anselm’s Abbey Church, but this place could fit the bill! 

Flying home was a lot of fun. I had awesome headphones from a friend, a fully charged phone and good snacks. The people I sat with were friendly, die hard Steelers fans who were fun to talk to as we waited for our plane to arrive. It was cool to see their side, as they were visiting family in Boston as native Pittsburgh residents and I was going home as a transient Pittsburgh resident. 

Today I need to do some serious last minute packing, prepping and shopping for Christmas. The time has flown since I have been home and now I have quite the to-do list. I am thrilled to see my family and friends throughout this week, its a great feeling to be home and surrounded by my own world again. 


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