titles are always the hardest part

On a lighter note, this month has been some fun for us CAHers, do not worry! We spent a nice weekend at a rustic retreat house surrounded by farmland sharing with each other about service, our journey through this year and caught up on some much needed rest!
Some of us have been able to go ice skating at the local park on the weekends as well. I miss being able to stroll down to Sullivan Arena at lunch time and skate on a private rink!
We also experienced full contact trivia for the first time at Franktuary, a local hipster restaurant that sells, as you might guess, fancy hot dogs. The ‘full contact’ part included a push up contest and guessing a mystery concoction of condiments from their menu. It was pretty funny and unique.
For my birthday I hung out with my community who made me some AMAZING red velvet cupcakes and went to an art museum called the Mattress Factory on the North Side of the city. Though it was a little to abstract for my liking, it was awesome to see the model of creation it entails, providing housing and support for traveling and local artists to work and show their pieces! For the evening I went to dinner with Ben at Lidia’s a famous homemade pasta restaurant in the Strip District.We had all you can eat pasta samplers and coconut chocolate cannolis. He knows me well, sugar and pasta are my main food groups. I could not have asked for a better birthday, I am very blessed!
There have been some VERY cold days here, makes 20s + 30s feel like spring! We get snow frequently, but its never much to write home about as I know the South Shore has been blasted so far this winter! No snow days for me!
This weekend DEVON MACKINNON IS COMING TO TOWN! I am very excited to see her and have her meet my friends here in Pittsburgh! We have a full weekend ahead.

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