508 to 412

 I just realized I never shared about my weekend with DEVON! I picked up Devon with my friend Amy from the airport and I was dancing around in the car with excitment. She and I spent the night hanging out with my roommates and catching up at my favorite coffee shop. (This place has the best real hot chocolate known to man). Winter has made me pretty homesick, so seeing Devon was the breath of Boston air I needed. Ben joined us on Saturday to frolick around snowy Pittsburgh, seeing the sites and meeting a friend of hers from home. We spent the night hanging out with my community and dancing around the kitchen. Not much has changed. We went to one of our favorite parishes, where ironically enough the homily was about Operation Safety Net. Sean, Ben Devon and I set off to Ritters Diner then toured the Cathedral of Learning, which is University of Pittsburgh’s own little Hogwarts. Devon and I made an awesome mexican casserole for dinner for my house to end the day. Having Devon come see my life, meet Ben and my community was important to me, beyond the obvious withdrawals from my partner in crime. It is hard to really share what my world is like through voice or blog. Needless to say, Milgate didn’t want her to leave, and neither did I! I think people were amused by the two of us together as we are extremely similar…I wish I could better describe this, but essentially we entertain each other endlessly. I think Devon coming to visit my community was a definite highlight of my experience in my Change a Heart world.


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