Lets Go Bucs!

As some of you may recall we lost a wonderful man to cancer earlier this year at Trail Lane. We all feel his absence and appreciate all he gave us and with that we were blessed with an amazing experience to come together and celebrate his life with an experience he would have treasured. A crew of OSN staff who knew him and two of our residents set out for the second day of the Pirates season for a night game against the Cubs. We had group seats in the club section (well worth the money if you’re ever at PNC Park right no top of home base. The night was gorgeous, warm and clear skied after rain had threatened us that morning. We brought another resident who is currently on hospice and another who is a huge fan of sports. Though our friend on hospice AB was more excited about the billiard tables and refreshments, CD’s experience was what really touched my heart. Our seats were pretty amazing, and CD’s face when he saw the view and the field was priceless. I do not think he stopped smiling all night, and he, typically extremely quiet, was joyfully striking conversation with our hospice social worker friend the whole game. The staff had a blast, and I have to admit, though its no Fenway, it was a pretty incredible experience. I think my favorite part of the actual game (which we only stayed for 9 of the 16 innings) was the Pierogie Race where mascots of pierogies  ran the circumference of the field racing each other. Our friend, for whom the night was in honor of, had always dreamed of going to opening day. He was a fan of all baseball, but I think he secretly loved the Red Sox more than the Pirates. Before he passed he talked to Matt our case manager about going to an opening game with him. Getting to PNC seemed like the perfect way to celebrate our dear friend’s life.


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